Description of Volunteer Opportunities

* Training will be provided for all positions

  1. Venue Coordinator/Event Planner Assistant: assist venue coordinator/event planner with venue survey prior to each event, confirming details of event with venue representative, set up/clean up  at each event,  overall management of venue and event. 5-6 hours per month.
  2. Volunteer Coordinator: Manage and support all volunteers as they fulfill their roles, train volunteers,  work with venue/event coordinator to make sure all event needs are met.  5-10 hours per month.
  3. Registration/Website/Social Media Coordinator: Manage event registration through the website and oversee registration at the event.  Post blogs, articles, community events on social media that relate to mental health. Keep website and social media sites up to date and current. Must have experience with Constant Contact and
  4. Marketing Manager and Marketing Assistants: Identify potential markets and opportunities for HOY:GE presentations. Communicate with schools, community organizations, other markets regarding HOY:GE events once event scheduled. Work closely with sponsor to maximize promotion and advertising once event is scheduled. Plan promotional and advertising campaigns through tv, print, and online media. Experience and familiarity with WordPress and Constant Contact. 8-10 hours per month.
  5. Exhibitor Coordinator: Manage exhibitor registration and communicate with all exhibitors regarding details of the event.  Communicate with venue/event coordinator regarding logistical needs of exhibitors at event.  6 hours per month
  6. Refreshment Coordinator:  Work with event coordinator to determine what refreshments are needed and quantities.  May work with volunteers to ensure that refreshments arrive at the venue and are properly displayed.  4-5 hours per month.
  7. Panel Coordinator:  Communicate with panelists to confirm they are available for an event and make sure they are aware of venue locations and event times.  Work with A/V coordinator to procure any presentations on electronic media. 4 hours per month.
  8. Survey Coordinator: Responsible for bringing surveys to each event, collecting surveys after event, and inputting data into a computer program that analyzes the data.   6 hours per month.
  9. Event  Registration Table Coordinator/Greeter: Responsible for setting up registration desk at each event (greet attendees at entrance and discuss flow of event, check in attendees, handout and explain all paperwork, record names/contact info for CEU certificates for attendees who request continuing education units, answering questions, setting up all signage on premise.  4 hours per month.
  10. AV Tech: Responsible for setting up, operating, testing, and troubleshooting audio and video equipment.  5 hours/month. Specifics include:
  • Prior to event, meet with venue representative onsite to survey venue and make sure all AV needs at time of presentation will be met
  • Set up, install, test, and operate equipment such as microphones, sound speakers, video screens, projectors, laptops, flash drives, and connecting wires and cables for each presentation
  • Assist users if they experience media system problem
  • Maintain inventory of equipment
  • Experience in AV tech a must