“I wanted to let you know how incredibly valuable the night was to me. From start to finish, the information available at the tables and from the speakers was so great. It was concise, easy to understand, helpful, hopeful, timely, and also alarming, at times, but necessarily so. I have already and will continue to be using information I learned this night and hope you will keep holding these great events! Many thanks to your whole team!!”   Parent,  DCSD

“This program needs to be in every middle school and high school. It should be mandatory for every new hire in the schools and for licensure renewal.”  Teacher, DCSD

“I received so many pats on the back for a great presentation, a plethora of information from different perspectives! I was so impressed with your team of professionals and volunteers and really appreciated the foresight to bring counselors who were available to talk with members in the audience. I was so glad that people took advantage of this opportunity and gift!” Susu Dugas, Parent Information Network Representative, Cherry Creek High School

“Very happy that this panel came to our community. It is time we address mental health proactively, from a preventative and educational approach, and not reactively, once there is a crisis.”  School Administrator, LPS

“ Please get this program into the schools immediatley, and on a consistent basis, to educate the teachers, staff and even the students.”  Teacher, DCSD

“Healing Our Youth:Get Educated! has a very uplifting and positive energy, and it provided just the right mix of information and resources. We would love to have it again any time! Thank you.” Nate Thompson, MSW-LCSW, Director of Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Services, Littleton Public Schools

“The presentation was so full of hope.  Dr. Gensler’s presentation really explained to a lay person the brain and why people would be diagnosed with mental illness. Gives me a new appreciation for our homeless, since so many of them are mentally ill.”  Educator, CCSD

“Great information, thanks so much for taking the time out of your lives to help parents.”  Parent, CCSD

“Great TEAM!!!”  School psychologist, DCSD

“My grandson is 8 and my daughter recognized there was something wrong with him. I’m so glad she caught this early. He and she are both in counseling and he is on medication plus seeing psychiatrist and therapist. Thank you, Dr. Gensler for getting this much needed education out to the community and schools.”  Grandparent, DCSD

“This was a wonderful eye-opening experience as the mother of an anxious 8 year old boy.” Parent, LPS

“The personal stories were powerful.”  Parent, CCSD